3 Week Mini Course

Designed for Exercise Beginners

Welcome! I'm delighted you're here.

This mini course is ideal for helping you ease into a new exercise routine.

If you have any questions before signing up please send a private message or you can email [email protected]

Course schedule:

Week 1 - Monday 27th & Wednesday 29th September

Week 2 - Monday 4th & Wednesday 6th October

Week 3 - Monday 11th & Wednesday 13th October

All classes will begin at 7pm.

This course is €8 per class (€48 in total), thank you.

Once you sign up you'll also gain free access to my home workout program as a gift for taking part in this mini course.

Free access to my home workout program includes:

  • The Minimum Program for Exercise (helps you get organised)
  • The Beginners 12 Program (to teach you how to exercise correctly)
  • The Purple Pod (workouts for beginners)
  • The Minimum Pod Workouts (workouts to help you keep going)
  • And The Mini Pod which contains 5-7 minute workouts for the busier days!

To sign up you can click the purple button below and I'll look forward to seeing you in our first live class.

Your coach, Michelle


"Exercise has made such a difference in my life. I am more flexible and fitter now than ever and I feel so energised after a workout. Working with Michelle is a joy, she is such a perfectionist and you can ask her questions knowing she will do her best to help you as much as possible"

Please contact Michelle if you're interested in this course or program, Thank you.